Statistics in clinical trials part 3
Introductory course to more advanced statistical topics.
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Statistics in clinical trials part 3 Statistics in clinical trials part 3
Who is this course for

Statistics in clinical trials part 3

Course name  

Statistics in clinical trials part 3

Course basics

Training in the field of medical statistics is aimed at familiarizing the student with the issues of statistics in clinical trials at an advanced level.

Course level  


What will you learn? 

After this course, you will know and understand the concepts related to statistics in clinical trials. You will master issues such as survival analysis methods, bioequivalence tests or regression with mixed effects. The training will allow you to understand the complexity of the problem of estimating sample size and to estimate the sample size.




  • training without leaving home,
  • instructors with practical experience,
  • small training groups,
  • materials for participants,
  • option to buy an individual tutor,
  • certificate of competence of a recognized brand on the Polish market.

Number of training hours


Form of training


Duration of training

2 days, from 10:00 to 15:00

Requirements (e.g. knowledge of MS Excel)

Knowledge of using a computer with Windows at a basic level, knowledge of issues from the course Statistics in clinical trials part 1 and Statistics in clinical trials part 2.


Training plan / sylabus

Day 1:

Survival analysis methods: (2 h.)

  • Kaplan–Meier curves

Bioequivalence tests: (1 h.)

Regression with mixed effects (3 h.)

Day 2:

Sample size estimation problem: (1 h.)

  • its role in the clinical trial.

Estimation of sample size with extensive discussion and interpretation of the result in a clinical trial in a computational environment:

  • theoretical models (2 g.)

  • simulation models (2 g.)

Problems and directions of development of statistics in clinical trials (1 h.)


Who is this course for

The Advanced Course in Medical Statistics is dedicated to individuals who wish to pursue a career as a Clinical Research Monitor or CRA.

This is what you will learn in the course:
You will deepen your knowledge of statistics and their application in clinical trials
You will get acquainted with the methods of survival analysis
You will learn how to create regression models with mixed effects
You will learn to independently estimate the sample size
Andrzej Tomski PhD
Statistician and expert BioStat

Doctor of mathematics, graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Silesia. He specializes in biomathematics.

In BioStat responsible for statistical areas of clinical trial (analysis plans, selection of methods, statistical studies).


What forms of online courses are available on
We offer two types of online courses: live webinars conducted by one of our experts and online courses with recordings available on demand (for one month from the date of purchase).
For how long can I use the purchased online course?
For a period of one month. After this time, access must be purchased again in order to continue using the video materials.
Do I have to carry out trainings / courses from one cycle in turn?
Keeping the order is not necessary, but definitely an indication.
How can I pay for access to the courses?
Our courses can be purchased using fast PayU payments.
Can I get an invoice for the purchase of courses?
Yes, when placing an order, you must select the appropriate checkbox and fill in the fields with the invoice data.
Will I receive confirmation of completion of the course / training?
Yes, each online course and training carried out by us is completed with a certificate of the Biostat Research and Development Center.
Is it possible to organize training for the whole team with CBR BioStat experts?
Yes, an inquiry for such training can be sent to us using the form on the main page or in the organized training tab.
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Statistics in clinical trials part 3
Introductory course to more advanced statistical topics.
2000 zł 900 zł
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This training includes:
12 hours
7 lessons
English language
Certificate of completion signed CBR BioStat
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Opinions of our customers - online courses.

Opinions of our clients

The BioStat company has completed a training entitled "Biomedical Statistics" commissioned by Club 40 of the Polish Ophthalmology Society and the Polpharma company. The training covered the following issues: Statistical analysis plan, ANCOVA modeling, Logistic regression, Relative risk, The most common statistical tests, ROC curves. The services provided by Biostat are characterized by a high level of quality. We are pleased to recommend the help in the field of medical statistics offered by Biostat.

Club 40 of the Polish Ophthalmology Association

In November (...) the Biostat company carried out a training entitled "Statistics in clinical trials" (...). The conducted training was characterized by a high substantive level, all issues were presented in an understandable way, we could count on a clear translation of theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. We are very pleased with the results of the training and we are considering continuing this type of training for our team.

Takeda Pharma

The BioStat company has completed (...) a training entitled "Specifics of data analysis in toxicological and ecotoxicological studies". It should be emphasized that the service was performed reliably and professionally. Employees involved in its implementation showed timeliness, patience and diligence. The trainer presented in a very simple and easy-to-understand way, showing great knowledge and experience in the field of statistics and data analysis.

Łukasiewicz Research Network

Biostat organized a taining course on practical statistics for medical research (Statistics for clinical research and post marketing surveillance) for our Medical Department Colleagues.The Tutor (...) provided us with a program which was very well prepared and perfectly tailored to our needs . We recived excellent support in the area of statistics, data analysis and the use of advanced statistical tools in medical research projects.

Pfizer Polska Sp. z o.o.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the training sessions entitled: Statistical research in the circular economy and bioeconomy (…).
Carefully prepared training materials and a detailed training program were rated very well by our employees and met our quality expectations towards the training service provider.
Knowledge of the subject, ability to convey information and adapting the scope of materials guaranteed a high level of training. We are pleased to recommend BIOSTAT as a solid and reliable partner in the implementation of training programs.

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